Mold inside Territorial Hall dorm room displaces Univ. of Minnesota students

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Mold inside a dorm room at the University of Minnesota is suspected of making at least one student sick.

As fall colors turn outside Territorial Hall, it's what's turning up inside the dorm that's causing concern.

Photos snapped by a U of M student show mold on the wall, mold on the window and even on his shoes.

The student and his family declined to go on camera, but told Fox 9 the fungus made him sick.

Dorm management moved the student and his roommate later moved out of the room and sealed off their door, labeling it "a microbial hazard".

In a statement to Fox 9, the University of Minnesota said in part: "When notified of potential issues, such as mold, the Housing and Residential Life staff works closely with the University's Department of Environmental Health and Safety to assess the problem and take timely and appropriate action to address the issue."

University officials confirmed the two students in the room were relocated. The room will be professionally cleaned and the mold will be removed.