Missing St. Paul shooting victim found alive in Cottage Grove

St. Paul police say a young woman reported missing after a shooting Monday morning has been found alive in Cottage Grove.

According to officers, the 18-year-old woman was found Monday afternoon with a gunshot wound to her leg. She is being transported to the hospital for treatment but officers say she is expected to survive her injuries.

According to police, she was found at the Wakota Inn and Suites in Cottage Grove around 3:45 p.m.

Police say two people are now being questioned in connection to the case.

The woman was reported missing Monday morning after officers responded to a reported shooting on the 1500 block of Fellows Lane around 4 a.m. At the scene, officers found evidence of a shooting, and later determined the woman had been injured in the shooting – but she was missing from the crime scene and never arrived at a hospital.

Police say the investigation into the case is ongoing. Officers say there is no lingering threat to the public at this time.