Missing Madeline Kingsbury: Crews search rivers near Winona

Crews searched the Mississippi River near Winona on Thursday for missing Winona mother Madeline Kingsbury. (FOX 9)

Search efforts to find missing Winona mother Madeline Kingsbury have continued this week, with boat crews combing the Mississippi River Thursday.

Crews worked throughout the day looking for Kingsbury. Wednesday, kayak teams also searched the Root River. Additional shoreline searches are scheduled for this weekend. Searches Thursday wrapped up by late afternoon.

A Minnesota BCA spokesperson says there are continuing "daily targeted" law enforcement searches at multiple locations for Kingsbury.

Kingsbury has been missing under strange circumstances since March 31. She was last seen dropping her kids off at daycare, accompanied by the children's father. She then returned to her home on the 400 block of Kerry Drive with the children's father.

What happened after Kingsbury returned home is not clear. The children's father says he left the home around 10 a.m. in Kingsbury's van. Deputies say the van traveled south into Fillmore County. When he returned, the father says Kingsbury was gone.

Deputies said in April there was no evidence that Kingsbury left the home on foot or in another vehicle.

Kingsbury never showed up for work that day or picked up her children from daycare. Her cell phone, wallet with ID, and jacket were left in the home.

After her disappearance, law enforcement agencies and hundreds of volunteers performed ground searches in Winona and Fillmore counties, but Kingsbury remains missing. To see a timeline of the case, click here