Minnetonka Blvd. crash leaves a woman in critical condition, a man dead and families in disbelief

A deadly crash that left a Minnetonka woman fighting for her life and killed a Montrose man has left both families involved in disbelief. 

Karen Webster has undergone multiple surgeries since the car accident Friday afternoon. As she clings to life, her husband wrote a touching Facebook post and asked the community to continue praying for a full recovery. 

“You’ve poured your hearts and we can feel it like you’re all in the room with us,” her husband Scott Webster wrote. “I’m going to ask you to put up her beautiful photo everywhere you can.” 

Webster said his wife was hit in a head-on collision Friday while picking up a dog she recently inherited from her deceased brother. Sadly, the dog didn’t make it. 

He estimates that David Baxter, 30, was driving at least 75 miles per hour. Police tried to pull Baxter over shortly before, but he took off and led police on a chase. 

Baxter’s loved ones were left baffled by his bizarre behavior. 

“Why he would just run and be so reckless,” Baxter’s friend Benjamin Raye wondered. 

Raye knew Baxter from the heavy metal music scene. Baxter’s former band mates said they’re not aware of any current substance abuse or health issues. 

“[He was] always smiling—always happy—everybody you talk to says the same thing, he was just a nice guy,” Raye said. 

“We are all devastated by the loss of David…We are equally as devastated that an innocent woman was hurt by whatever happened to our son that day that caused him to drive that way,” Baxter’s family said in a statement to Fox 9. 

Scott Webster said his wife suffered a number of broken bones and internal injuries. She is scheduled to undergo more surgery Monday. Her GoFundMe can be found here.