Minnesota's incoming wintry mix delays spring sports

Whether it's snow, rain, slush or a combination of all three, it's about to create a disruption for Minnesotans – including schedules for spring sports. 

Many Minnesotans were just getting used to the warm weather, and despite some disappointment, most people we talked to are taking the changing weather in stride.

Instead of hitting the links at Meadowbrook Golf Course, Adrian Lawrenz is practicing his swing in a golf simulator at the PGA Superstore in Minnetonka. So, the idea of more snow isn't exactly hitting a hole in one for Lawrenz and the rest of Benilde-St. Margaret's golf team.

“Snow just melted, some is still there…to see it all come back is unfortunate," Lawrenz said.

The team was supposed to have tryouts later this week, but they'll probably be canceled along with the Red Knights’ first match on Monday because of some messy weather on the way.

"I've been coaching fox six years. I don't think we've had a nice spring in five years. As a coach, you almost have to be like a weatherman - watch the weather all the time and take the nice days when you can and get out there and play," Coach Dave Herbst said.

The thought of another round of winter weather is also causing some sporting events at the University of Minnesota to strike out. A Gopher's softball game scheduled for Wednesday has been called off, while a weekend track and field meet won't cross the finish line.

Meanwhile, the owners of Sea Salt Eatery at Minnehaha Falls are ready to open on Friday, and they say Mother Nature won't make them give their plans the cold shoulder. Last year, Sea Salt had to close after it opened due to changing weather.

"It will not change anything. Last year, we had a couple of blizzards in April after we opened, and it was horrible," said Jon Blood, co-owner of Sea Salt. "This year I think it’s going to be a quick storm. We are going to huddle up have some hot chocolate and make the best of it."