Minnesotans prepping for the start of summer fun

With the holiday weekend right around the corner, Louise Ackerman and her husband are enjoying the calm before the storm.

"We are relaxing. This is the start of our summer," Ackerman said. "We kind of get the quietness before everyone arrives. Gotta love that."

Starting this weekend, Lebannon Hills Regional Campground and just about other every campground in the state will be packed with people trying to enjoy the great outdoors for the rest of the summer.

"There's no snow. As soon as there is no snow, it's time to go camping," Ackerman said.

Across town at Lake Harriet, Vincent Driessen is a happy camper too. 

He's getting his sailboat ready for a regatta this weekend, even though it feels like Mother Nature is trying to give the season the cold shoulder.

"As a born and raised Minnesotan, I look forward to getting out on the water as often as I can," Driessen said. "We got some grey clouds and some chill. I got my vest on, but it'll warm up."

But summer is setting sail at the Edina Aquatic Center anyway.

Even though it doesn't open for another week and a half, the pool is already filled and the people buying season passes don't want to leave the new pirate-themed splash pad in the kiddie pool high and dry.

"They are coming in rain coats and maybe some light mittens, but it's ok. It's all right," general manager Patty McGrath.