Minnesotans prep for Saturday's hot forecast

The heat is on and this is no trick from Mother Nature - it’s about to get even hotter.

It’s a love-hate situation as Minnesotans settle into summer.

“I’m a true Minnesotan, so this is too warm for me; this is about 15 degrees too warm for me,” said Julia Kidwell.

“Oh gee whiz, are you serious? I could live with it, I could live with it,” said Mike Kidwell, Julia’s husband.

But no matter which way you swing, this warmup is on people’s radar.

“I would say not being out in the most hot part of the day especially because we have little boys, so try to keep them inside,” said Julia Kidwell.

At Hennepin County Emergency Management headquarters, officials have been watching the forecast with their in-house meteorologists.

“It’s our first heat event of the season and it’s not just straight-out heat, it’s also the humidity,” said Eric Waage, the director of Hennepin County Emergency Management.

Those in charge want to make sure everyone is safe.

“The elderly are vulnerable people who are compromised through medications, little kids are, people who work outside,” said Waage.

They’re sending out messages to people in the county to make sure they know things are heating up and reminding them to stick to the basics.

“Drink lots of water, really all these effects can be helped if people just drink a little extra water,” said Waage.

Cooling options are also listed on Hennepin County’s website. Places, like libraries, that have air conditioning and are open to the public.

Patrol officers with the Minneapolis and St. Paul police departments will be looking out for people in need or distress, especially in the heat.