Minnesotans enjoy first major snow of the season

When it comes to winter in Minnesota, sooner is not always better.

"It's a unique sensation every time. It's always more enjoyable early in the season than it is in another few months when we are ready to be done with it I think," said Joel Schleisman of Minneapolis.

For Schleisman, our first snowfall of the season was the perfect excuse for some fun family warfare, a snowball fight,  on the shores of Lake Harriet.

"I think during winter in Minnesota, you have to find something to do outside. Otherwise, it becomes a bit exhausting," said Schliemann.

Mother Nature isn't exactly throwing us a curveball by having it snow in mid-November. But the flurry of flakes wasn't enough to stop people from exercising their right to enjoy the great outdoors.

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"I hope we get enough snow to fill up the lakes again. I don't really love shoveling but come. stay. We're going to need some snow to fill up the lakes," said Greg Ohrt of Minneapolis.

Meanwhile, there was enough snow for Danny Olson and his kids to hit the sledding hill at Minikahda Vista Park in St. Louis Park.

"I'm trying to enjoy winter through the eyes of my kids. As an adult, you start hating the first snowfall. Snarls up traffic. Roads are slippery. But we just moved into the neighborhood. The kids love the snow and convinced me to bring them sledding after school today," said Danny Olson.

After all, embracing winter may be the best way to make it through it.

"You should make the most of things in life. The kids love it. If it makes them happy, it can make me happy too," said Olson.