Minnesota Zoo announces death of red panda Min

The red panda named Min came to Minnesota after being born at an Oklahoma zoo. (Minnesota Zoo)

The Minnesota Zoo is mourning the loss of its red panda named "Min," a visitor favorite, after the 10-year-old animal passed away last week.

According to a post on the zoo's website, the red panda died following mounting health issues in recent months, adding "her interest in exploring her habitat and eating had been declining recently."

Min was born at a zoo in Oklahoma and came to Minnesota a year later.

"With her shy and sweet nature, she quickly became beloved – inspiring guests and acting as an ambassador for her wild counter parts," the zoo wrote. "More recently, she was the focal point of our ZOOMS STEM Design Challenge – in which students were tasked with designing enrichment items for Min. Through this process, she inspired hundreds of students from throughout Minnesota and beyond."

Min was the zoo's only red panda.