Minnesota woman sews face masks to give to health care workers

Cristina Kjos sews face masks to give to health care workers. (FOX 9)

The call for masks and personal protection is heard across the country as shortages impact medical workers. Among those stepping up to help is a Minnesota woman who says it’s the least she can do amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

By morning, Cristina Kjos is a Delta employee – now working from home – but by the afternoon she’s a seamstress who’s taking over her kitchen.

“It helps me to not think about what’s happening, to focus on this little craft, crafty project of mine,” said Kjos.

That crafty project is mask making. She first started because of her health needs and because she had the time. However, when her friends working in the health care industry heard about what she was doing, the project turned into quite the operation.

“She said, ‘You know I really need it because we are running out of supplies. It would be really helpful for the people at the hospital,’” said Kjos.

She found the pattern online. The masks are lined and washable. The fabrics she uses are personal requests.

“Wine and pizza, something with dogs, something with Hello Kitty,” she listed.

They are fun patterns that bring a little light in trying times.

“If you have the time, if you have the skill, if you have the resources, go and help because we need that... it’s giving me goosebumps,” said Kjos.

With around 30 complete right now, she says she’s not done. As long as the need is there, she will be in her kitchen with her IKEA sewing machine, providing a little help to those who need it most right now. 

“It’s scary times,” she said. “It’s sad, but there’s hope... we should not forget to smile.”
She’s sending the first 60 masks to her friends in California. She says she has received requests from Texas, Georgia and Minnesota.