Minnesota Vaccine Hunters see appointment-seeking frenzy slowing

It’s been eight days since the state of Minnesota started giving COVID-19 vaccines to all Minnesotans ages 16 and up.

As of Wednesday, nearly 3 million doses have gone to 1.8 million people in the state. While there are still some frustrations, the frenzy to get appointments is starting to slow.

Lisa Brickey is one person who looked everywhere she could to get her shot. Then, one morning, she woke up and found an email from the state saying she had been chosen to receive a shot at one of the state’s community vaccination sites.

For those not as lucky as Brickey, there are the Minnesota Vaccine Hunters.

"I think, right now, there’s so much more vaccine coming into the state each week, it feels like we’re seeing more and more appointments feel like they’re starting to loosen up a bit," said Winnie Williams, of Minnesota Vaccine Hunters.

Her Facebook group has a website, too, that has helped tens of thousands of Minnesotans navigate this new world.

While there have been frustrations as more Minnesotans are eligible, the group believes the dust is starting to settle.

"I have a sense right now that, on average, are a little less frustrated than when they were eight days ago when they opened up," said Williams.

Pharmacies, healthcare providers and permanent mass vaccination sites run by the state are all administering the vaccine. Minnesotans signed up on the state’s Vaccine Connector are randomly selected for those appointments.

The federal vaccination site at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds is scheduled to open on April 14 for those living in certain zip codes.