Minnesota teen turns balloon art into a business

A Wright County high schooler is receiving a lot of attention this summer, because of her blossoming business that gives back to the community. Son-Light Balloon Entertainment is centered around a unique skill that Rylee Hallberg picked up in just the last few years.

After learning how to make balloon art at 15 years old, Rylee now has close to 75 tricks up her sleeve; including unicorns, butterflies, dogs, wands, swords, dinosaurs, flowers and ladybugs. Hallberg brings all of that fun and more to birthday parties, corporate events, county fairs, and farmer's markets.

The Monticello native can twist almost 40 balloons in under an hour, and she’s even used the party trick to save up enough money to buy her first car. 

"In the end, it’s all something God gave me," Hallberg told FOX 9 on Monday. "He was the one that caused this… I’m really happy with how it’s turned out."

Rylee also volunteers her time at events to raise money for charity.

Currently on track to complete a two-year college degree by the end of high school, Hallberg is interested in pursuing a career in structural engineering after graduation. 

Click here to visit Son-Light Balloon Entertainment’s Facebook page or, to hire Rylee, contact Jane Hallberg at 763-370-9792 or JaneHallberg2021@yahoo.com.