Minnesota Supreme Court: St. Paul trash collection ordinance on Nov. 5 ballot

The Minnesota Supreme Court has ordered the City of St. Paul to include a referendum on its controversial garbage collection ordinance on the Nov. 5 ballot. 

Last year, St. Paul unveiled a new program in which it assigned what trash haulers would be used in each part of the city. The intent was to create uniform trash collection across the city, setting flat rates and cutting down on the number of garbage trucks driving down city streets and alleyways. 

But, some residents claim the plan is costing them more money. They sued the city, arguing the question of who gets to decide who picks up the trash should be put to a vote. 

A Ramsey County judge sided with the residents, but the city appealed the decision, sending it to the state Supreme Court

On Thursday, the Supreme Court ruled the question should be included on the ballot in November. The court says the current trash collection program will remain in place until the election results are determined.