Minnesota State trooper wrestles highway walker to the ground: Video

Traffic cams filmed a Minnesota State Trooper wrestling with a man who was talking down Interstate 694 on Friday, April 14. 

The footage shows the trooper approaching the man, who was walking by the side of the highway, which is illegal in Minnesota. According to the Minnesota State Patrol, the trooper was called out to do a welfare check on the man, and was trying to convince him to leave the highway when he became "verbally uncooperative." The State Patrol said the trooper then tried to detain the man, who resisted.

The footage shows the two speaking by the trooper's squad car before a scuffle ensues, and the trooper wrestles the man to the ground. The footage then shows another state trooper rushing over to assist. He takes out his Taser, but it's unclear whether it was deployed or not. The two troopers subdue the man and lead him to the back of a squad car.  

The Minnesota State Patrol advises the man was booked for failure to follow lawful order, obstruction, pedestrian on the freeway, and possession of drug paraphernalia.