Minnesota State Fair's 'Blue Ribbon Baker' celebrating 100th birthday

A famous face at the Minnesota State Fair is celebrating a huge milestone next week: Her 100th birthday.

Ahead of her big day, Marjorie Johnson, the "Blue Ribbon Baker," stopped by the YMCA in New Hope on Friday afternoon. Johnson, who has won more than 2,500 fair ribbons, is known nationally for her passion of baking.

But, when she’s not in the kitchen, you may find her in the gym. Johnson works out with a personal trainer at the “Y” at least three times a week.

She says moderation is the key to living a long life.

"I love going to the Y," she says. "That’s what keeps me so healthy. You’ve got to exercise at least 30 minutes a day."

Her trainer, Chelsea Karkula, agrees. "Regular exercise has helped her do all that she’s able to do."

Karkula adds, "She dedicates just as much time into her health and well-being as she does into her craft of baking."

Along with health, Johnson says a positive mindset makes a difference as well.

"Never, never think negatively," she says. "Always think positive. It’ll make you happy and if you exercise, you’re just happy, healthy."

Johnson says that she enjoys the treadmill and step machine. This year, she's submitting 40 items to the Minnesota State Fair food competition.

The Great Minnesota Get-Together kicks off August 22.