Minnesota sheriff: Dog named Donald Trump wasn't killed over politics

File President Donald Trump

The Jackson County, Minnesota sheriff says a dog named Donald Trump wasn not shot and killed over politics, but rather by a person “legally protecting their livestock on their private property at the time.” The shooter has not been identified by the sheriff’s office.

Randal Thom found his dog late Sunday night after attending Democratic Sen. Amy Klobuchar’s rally in Minneapolis to announce her presidential campaign.

"We have had some words back and forth about political stuff, whether he actually did it out spite or not, I won't subscribe to that totally," Thom told the Associated Press, referring to his neighbor.

Posts circulating on social media claimed a neighboring Democrat intentionally killed Randal Thom's dog, but the sheriff’s office took to social media themselves to dispel those rumors.

“Facts have been misrepresented on social media sites,” the sheriff’s office said in a statement. “Unfortunately, people are now posting multiple threats of violence towards citizens in the area and justifying the threats based on these inaccurate posts on social media.”

Thom, 59, is a staunch supporter of President Trump who lives in Lakefield, Minnesota, about 160 miles southwest of Minneapolis. Thom has attended 46 Trump rallies and is a founder of the Front Row Joes--the nickname for those who camp out hours or even days ahead of Trump rallies to get front row seats.

The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office said over the past three years, neighbors have reported 14 prior incidents regarding Thom's dogs. Those complaints include dogs running at large on a roadway, in a county park and on private property, as well as incidents of dogs biting a person who required medical attention, attacking other pet dogs and killing or chasing livestock.

“All of these incidents have been reported and investigated by the Jackson County Sheriff's Office. As a result, two Potentially Dangerous Dog Notifications have been served on Mr. Thom regarding two of his dogs. Mr. Thom also currently has pending misdemeanor charges from incidents related to his dogs. That matter remains pending in Court," the sheriff's office said. 

The Jackson County Sheriff's Office is continuing to investigate the threats of violence made as a result of the inaccurate social media posts regarding the shooting death of Thom’s dog named Donald Trump.