Minnesota ranked one of most attractive U.S. accents

Minneapolis skyline. (FOX 9)

Is a Minnesota accent attractive? A new ranking says it is.

According to a study by Penn Stakes, Minnesota has one of the top-10 most attractive accents in the U.S., ranking at No. 9. The Minnesota accent comes after the Chicago accent, which is ranked 8th. The general Midwestern accent placed 6th, which the study shows being in Missouri. 

Unsurprisingly, the southern accent got the top spot, with the New York accent coming in at 2nd. 

Top 10 most attractive U.S. accents

1. Southern accent

2. New York accent

3. California accent

4. Texan accent

5. Boston accent

6. Midwestern accent

7. Miami accent

8. Chicago accent

9. Minnesotan accent

10. New Orleans accent

Penn Stakes conducted the study by doing social listening research. Social listening analyzed the top 50 most common accents and showcased every mention of each accent online, and then broke down how many posts praised the various accents, looking for keywords like "sexy" and "attractive." The more mentions of these positive keywords, the more attractive the accent was deemed.