Minnesota Olympians and families nervous over COVID-19 risk

With only four days until opening ceremonies, the number of COVID-19 cases among those who are associated with the Olympic games continues to grow.

When news broke Monday morning that someone associated with the U.S. women’s gymnastics team tested positive, the family of St. Paul native Suni Lee was initially nervous. Shortly thereafter, they received a text message from one of Lee’s coaches saying their daughter was not exposed.

"Before they left for Tokyo, I was worried something might happen before she leaves. Now she’s finally left and I felt at ease. But when we heard about the COVID positive you start worrying again," said Suni Lee’s father Houa "John" Lee.

Lee said they have only communicated with their daughter through text message due to the time change, but he’s confident in the precautions the team is taking. Albeit, he says the possibility that her Olympic career could be over before it begins makes him nervous.

"She gave up so much for this," he said. "It would be devastating."

U.S. wrestler Gable Steveson told FOX 9 they’re getting tested daily, and aren’t allowed to leave the team hotel except for training.

"Mainly we’re in our rooms all day," said Steveson. "We go to the wrestling facility, we go right back, and that’s it."

Steveson said the U.S. wrestling team remains healthy, and they are doing all they can to keep it that way.

"I think it makes all of us nervous-- especially me," said Steveson. "I came a long way from Minnesota to get to Tokyo… I’d be very upset if I tested positive for COVID."

The International Olympic Committee says the Olympic village continues to be safe, and that robust countermeasures will result in little to no spread.