Minnesota Muslims remember Muhammad Ali's legacy

Muhammad Ali is remembered as not just a great boxer, but a great man and for Minnesota Muslims he was a person that symbolized everything that's good in Islam.

The legacy of Muhammad Ali was the topic of sermons all across the Twin Cities, the example he set more important now than ever before.

"His death I think reminds all of us Americans that American Muslims have not just been here but they have been part and the fabric of who we are," said Jaylani Hussein, the executive director of CAIR, the Council of American-Islamic Relations.

In Ali's home of Louisville, Kentucky thousands turned out to say goodbye, showing that his life touched people not just in his home state, but all across the world.

"Growing up he was a hero because he spoke out against injustices," said Mahdee Abdullah, who looked up to Ali.

Ali's courage to speak his mind on racism and other social injustices helped cement his place in history. And it's that willingness to stand up for what's right that was centerpiece of Jaylani Hussein's sermon.

"We all should inspire our kids to be like Muhamed Ali," said Hussein.

His hope is the next generation of Muslim leaders will carry forth Ali's legacy, reminding that world what American Muslims are all about.

"In this critical time when so many people are asking questions about who are the American Muslims, for his death to be an opportunity to reflect on his life and what American Muslims have done and continue to do is important," said Hussein.

Many hope Ali's legacy will continue to be a positive inspiration for not just Muslims, but those of all religious backgrounds..