Minnesota music students to get full refund for trip canceled by pandemic

Hundreds of Minnesota high school music students will get full refunds for their European trip that was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic after the travel company agreed to a settlement with the Minnesota Attorney General's Office.

According to a release, Attorney General Keith Ellison's Office got involved after receiving dozens of complaints that Voyageurs International held onto "questionable" cancellation fees when the 2020 European "Ambassadors of Music" tour was called off. Voyageurs retained $1,900 from each participant as part of the fee, claiming it was necessary to pay for "travel arrangements that [it would] not be able to recoup." 

As part of the settlement, Voyageurs International will pay $664,835 total, which will go to the 344 impacted students. The office will contact the students and their families regarding the restitution.

"Minnesota students and their families paid hard-earned money for these travel packages," said Ellison in a statement. "I’m pleased that Voyageurs is finally making things right and refunding them for services they never received. I hope these refunds help repair some of the strain and disappointment they have felt while trying to afford their lives and get through this difficult time."