Minnesota man builds car out of coffin with goal to help animals

It looks like a coffin but, moves like a car. A disturbing scene on most days, but it seems fitting with Halloween right around the corner.  A Richfield, Minn. man has a pretty unique ride, one he made with his own hands, all for a good cause. 

The coffin is made of cold shiny steel smooth handle bars, the envy of any pallbearer. With plush and comfortable lining it is ideal for your final resting place. Or a quick trip to the grocery story.

“This gets a whole lot of looks,” said Scott Manis who built the coffin-car creation. “It's a whole lot of fun.”

Manis calls this contraption the "Undead Sled” and he made it with a real engine and a real coffin he got off of Craigslist, the whole idea of this coffinmobile was inspired by 1960's cult classic “the Munsters”.

“It's safe to drive, I usually carry a fire extinguisher in it.”

This Halloween season, he's parking it in front of his house at the corner of Morgan Ave and West 68th street in Richfield.

“Adults won't even walk up their side walk because it gets wild.”

Manis is hoping this frightful combination will draw attention for the local Humane Society, an animal protection agency that helps abandoned and abused pets.

“That's something that would directly impact the animals.”

The hope is this year trick or treaters won't come by just to ask for candy, but actually donate into this bin.

Manis’ daughter, 11-year-old Tricia Manis, is the one who came up with the idea because all their pets are rescue dogs. All the neighbors are behind them, expecting a big crowd, and hoping for big donations.

Along with all the morbid details, the Undead Sled can hit 40 miles per hour on the road with easy handling and a thrill for amateur drivers.