Minnesota lawyers rallying against executive order on immigration

Minnesota's ACLU chapter is calling on attorneys to step up and volunteer to help immigrants fight the President Donald Trump’s executive order.

A large group of attorneys rallied on the front steps of the Capitol on Thursday vowing to stand up for what they call "fundamental rights”.

This comes after Attorney General Lori Swanson has joined a federal lawsuit challenging the president's immigration order stopping the entry of people from seven predominantly Muslim nations and halting the acceptance of all refugees.

Even though it is a temporary and limited order, there are deep concerns from many attorneys.

On the steps of the Capitol attorneys reaffirmed their oath and recommitted their cause.

"Right now there are attorneys at our airports helping these travelers with safe and legal passage,” said Caroline Palmer of Minnesota Attorneys Rise Up.

Since the federal court interventions last weekend, several legal Minnesota Somali immigrants returned home, but the attorneys warn the legal and political battles are just beginning.

"Those politicians who lack the courage to oppose the abominable child in the White House need to relocate their spines, stand upright and join us in the fight to shut him down,” said Kim Hunter of the National Lawyers Guild of Minnesota. 

The immigration review dictated by the presidential order is a temporary 90 days, but attorneys fear he could change his mind.

"Even though there are time limits contemplated in the ban, there also is very important language that makes me believe and many people who both observe this president and the direction that we're headed that the duration of the ban certainly could be extended as well as additional countries added," said John Keller of the Immigrant Law Center.

So far the Minnesota ACLU has not filed any protection challenges on behalf of Minnesota immigrants, but it's watching.

"We're very concerned,” said Ben Feist of ACLU. “This is unprecedented, so we're watching with an eagle's eye on this."