Speed cameras in Minnesota? Lawmakers weigh statewide speed camera bill

A bill initially aimed at allowing Minneapolis to use traffic cameras for issuing speeding tickets might soon expand to authorize the deployment of hundreds of cameras for enforcement purposes statewide.

The proposal up for consideration now would allow cameras to issue tickets for speeding and running red lights, specifically in high-crash areas near schools.

Minneapolis officials are pressing for urgent action, citing that 31 people have lost their lives in the past two years in accidents involving speeding or failure to stop at red lights. Senator Zaynab Mohamed (DFL-Minneapolis) highlighted: "The data overwhelmingly demonstrates that where speed cameras are used, traffic fatalities decrease."

However, some are opposed to the idea. Rich Neumeister, a critic of speed cameras, argued, "It’s not comprehensive enough to deal with the broad principles and dynamics that deal with our rights, our liberties, revenue enhancement."

To implement the use of cameras, cities would be required to install signs indicating the presence of a camera ahead and to list all camera locations on the MnDOT website.

Violations would only be issued to those exceeding the speed limit by ten or more miles per hour, and the infractions would not be recorded on the individual's driving record.