Minnesota Assisted Living Report Card: How it works

The Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS) has launched its new Assisted Living Report Card, which will help Minnesotans pick the best assisted living residence for them. 

The report card will allow people to look up assisted living residences and compare ratings based on resident and family surveys, and ratings based on state inspections, DHS said. 

23 December 2023, Lower Saxony, Norden: A lady over 90 years old solves a Sudoku puzzle on a newspaper clipping. Photo: Matthias Balk/dpa (Photo by Matthias Balk/picture alliance via Getty Images) (Getty Images)

Modeled after the Nursing Home Report Card, the Assisted Living Report Card is a work in progress and currently has ratings for about 20% of Minnesota's assisted living facilities. The report card is expected to expand to cover more facilities and have more ratings by early next year, according to DHS. 

"Looking for an assisted living residence for yourself or a loved one can be stressful and challenging," said Human Services Commissioner Jodi Harpstead. "We hope that this tool will help people make this important choice, recognizing that there are many factors to consider."

The Assisted Living Report Card was authorized by Gov. Tim Walz and the Minnesota Legislator back in 2019. 

To check out the Assisted Living Report Card, click here