Rising cases of neck and head cancers

Experts are seeing an increase in head and neck cancers among younger individuals, even those in their 20s. This year, the American Cancer Society estimates that over 50,000 new cases will be diagnosed, with more than 12,000 lives lost to this terrible disease.

After year on waitlist, MN teen gets new heart

Courage sometimes hides in small places. For the better part of six months, it’s been living in room 5-686 at St. Marys Hospital.  The name on the door and on the charts inside belongs to Aidden Tilly, a 14-year-old Minnesota boy with draining energy and endless hope.

MN psychologist helps others with circus therapy

Dr. Sherry Walling believes the benefits of play, courage, and teamwork are core elements of mental flourishing. FOX 9's Leah Beno shares more about how Dr. Walling is helping others through circus therapy.

'Popcorn brain' and social media

FOX 9 speaks with Dr. Mike about “popcorn brain”, the effect on your brain when it's constantly being shown information while on social media.

First ever Asian Youth Stethoscope Youth Summit

Saturday marked the first ever Asian Youth Stethoscope Youth Summit. The summit provided an opportunity for Asian youth to meet Asian doctors and nurses, got some hands on experience.

Slowing down dementia with hearing aids

A new study suggest using hearing aids slows down the progression of Alzheimer's and dementia. FOX 9's Leah Beno interviews audiologist Dr. Rebecca Younk about the effects of hearings on memory loss in older adults.

COVID-19 cases rising again

Although COVID-19 cases are on the rise again, there have been less serious illnesses reported. FOX 9’s Rob Olson explains the latest word from medical professionals.

Prescription drug prices negotiated

Relief could be on the way for millions of Americans struggling to afford medications after the White House has selected its first round of prescription drugs that it will negotiate Medicare pricing.

500+ Allina doctors, providers set to unionize

Hundreds of doctors and other top medical providers with Allina Health are getting ready to vote on whether to unionize. If the vote goes through, the group would be the largest private-sector health union in the country’s history. It includes more than 500 doctors, nurse practitioners and physician assistants across 56 primary care and urgent care clinics. The clinics are all in Minnesota, except for one in River Falls, Wisconsin.

Eden Prairie resident’s final ride for cause

Bill Middeke is gearing up to bike 150 miles in two days for the Red Ribbon Ride this weekend. The Eden Prairie resident went on his first AIDS ride in 1999, after his best friend from his Air Force days tested positive for HIV.