Minnesota History Center explores Me Too movement through new exhibit

Part of the Me Too exhibit at the Minnesota History Center (FOX 9)

Nearly three years ago, the resurgence of the Me Too movement thrust the conversation about sexual violence into the national dialogue. Now, a small exhibit at the Minnesota History Center explores the issues of sexual assault and violence throughout state history.

“I don’t think these conversations will ever go away,” said Paige Mitchell, the University of Minnesota graduate student behind the installation. “I hope that people realize that Me Too is part of a much bigger story that has been around since the history of mankind.”

Mitchell is shedding light on sexual harassment and sexual assault in underrepresented communities.

“These are people’s everyday lived realities; it never stops being pertinent and important,” she said. 

In the exhibit, cardboard silhouettes share the stories of six Minnesota women who are survivors, advocates, and local leaders - past and present.

“Whether your sexuality, gender identity… everyone is affected by this, it’s really a public health issue,” Mitchell said.

The statistics are eye-opening. For example, one in three women in the U.S. will face some sort of violence or harassment during their lives

“As long as these statistics exist and we know, personally, people who have faced this, then it will always be important and integral to how we live our lives,” she said.

The exhibit is being shown in the new Irvine Community Gallery, and it's free to the public during regular museum hours.