Minnesota Governors Walz, Dayton, Pawlenty and Ventura join forces for election PSA

Governors Walz, Dayton, Pawlenty and Ventura joined together to film a PSA about the upcoming election. (Office of Gov. Tim Walz)

Four Minnesota Governors joined forces in a video Wednesday calling for civility and decency around the upcoming election.

Gov. Tim Walz and former Minnesota Governors Mark Dayton, Tim Pawlenty and Jesse Ventura encouraged Minnesotans to vote and said they are confident in Minnesota’s safe and secure voting system. They also explained why election results may not be final on Election Night this year.

The three previous Governors are made up of a Democrat, a Republican and an independent. They said while they don’t agree on every issue, they agree that this election is the most important of their lifetimes.

“Our state is proud to have one of the safest and secure election systems in the whole country,” said Pawlenty.

“You can have faith that your vote will be counted,” Dayton added.

The Governors also prepared Minnesotans to expect a delay in results.

“A delay just means that our system is working, and that we’re counting every single ballot,” said Ventura.

They concluded by asking Minnesotans to lead by example on Election Night.

PAWLENTY: But no matter who wins, let’s demonstrate the civility and decency that Minnesotans are known for.

WALZ: There is so much more that unites us rather than divides us.

VENTURA: Let’s show the country there is a better way.