Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton reveals he has prostate cancer

Following a brief fainting spell Monday night, Governor Mark Dayton returned to work Tuesday. While being asked about his health, Dayton reveals he was diagnosed with prostate cancer last week.

Dayton said last Wednesday he went in for a biopsy and was diagnosed on Friday with prostate cancer. Doctors told Dayton his cancer is “very treatable.” He plans to go to Mayo Clinic later on Tuesday for a checkup.

“I learned last week, I had a biopsy, that I do have prostate cancer,” Gov. Dayton said. “The good news is they say it’s one of their best success stories and by all indication it’s not extended beyond the prostate. So I’ll be going down next week to Mayo to determine the best course of treatment which will probably be surgery or radiation.”

The Governor plans to finish out the term. He turns 70 years old this week and has another grandchild on the way. Dayton's father also had prostate cancer.

Gov. Dayton said he believes his fainting episode during Monday's State of the State address and his prostate cancer are "two separate issues."

The governor had been speaking for more than 40 minutes when he collapsed. He was reportedly about to make an offer of a new public health care option. House Speaker Kurt Daudt quickly adjourned the joint session of the House and Senate.