Minnesota food banks see demand increases

From gas prices to groceries, Americans are paying more for a number of necessities. As consumer prices soar, food banks across the nation and here in Minnesota are seeing demand for their services grow. 

North Point's Community Food Shelf in north Minneapolis has been a community resource for decades. As high gas prices and inflation rates drive up the price of consumer goods, organizers here have seen demand rise. 

"Ever since Labor Day last fall we’ve noticed every month the number of clients is ticking up as various federal and state benefits go away," Stuart Iseminger of the NorthPoint Food Program told FOX 9.

Iseminger says that the food shelf provides groceries to more than 1,000 households each month. 

"The price of food really impacts our clients who spend most or all of their income on rent," said Iseminger. 

As consumer prices soar, food banks across the nation and in Minnesota are seeing demand for their services also grow.

Which leaves some families faced with tough decisions. 

While some food banks across the country have struggled to keep up with demand, Iseminger says that isn't the case here. However, there's still a need. 

"We want to make sure that our neighbors know that we have enough, but we really need the community support and March is a good time for people to participate in supporting their local food shelf," said Iseminger.

During its annual food and fund drive this month, the food shelf is teaming up with MN FoodShare's March Campaign to raise both hunger awareness and donations. 

"The Twin Cities – we’ve been through a tough last couple of years and there’s been a lot of bad news. What keeps me going is to see the good people turn out and do good things and support us and our work," said Iseminger.

A portion of what north point raises will get matched by MN FoodShare.

Organizers say that a $10 donation can provide enough food for 25 meals.

For more information on how to donate, click HERE.