Minnesota family witnesses Fort Lauderdale shooting

A Rochester, Minnesota family was returning from a Caribbean cruise and was inside the airport when the gunman opened fire in Fort Lauderdale last week.

The family’s New Year’s cruise included parents, grandparents and young children, a total of 21 people.

“All of a sudden, it was ‘pop, pop, pop,’ and people screaming ‘run, run, run,’" said Debra Fugleberg.

Fugleberg and her brother Larry More were on the floor above baggage claim, going through security to return to Minnesota.

"I only had time to push my kids out of way so they didn’t get run over,” More said. “We laid down on spot.”

More said no one seemed to know where the shots were coming from or which direction provided a safe escape.

“We did think there was a second shooter,” Fugleberg said. “First people were running, then all of a sudden, another loud bang. People yelled ‘shots’ and began running again.”

The two said the security footage of the incident disgusted them.

“It appeared he had no emotion,” More said. “He grabbed a gun and started shooting with no worries."

“It makes you sick to think in 45 seconds…look at the amount of disruption to the world, the nation, the state," Fugleberg said.

While some family eventually re-booked flights and flew home, More and Fugleberg rented a car and made the 1,600 mile drive back to Rochester over the weekend.