Minnesota companies get grants to train young people

A grant coming to four Minnesota agencies will help train people in their teens for high-demand jobs.

The U.S. Department of Labor announced last week it will send $90 million in grants to pay for training young people for jobs in desperate need of workers.

The pre-apprenticeship training will be available for workers between ages 16 to 24 who aren't enrolled in school or currently in the labor market to work in jobs including construction, healthcare, information technology, manufacturing and logistics, culinary arts, and hospitality.

The DOL says there will be a focus on green jobs with these grants, including jobs involving solar panel installation, weatherization, and using sustainable building materials.

The program through an agency called YouthBuild will include classroom time for the trainees to earn a high school diploma or equivalency degree matched with workplace training for a career.

In Minnesota, funds will go to:

  • Change Inc., Saint Paul, MN, $1,500,000
  • Tree Trust, Saint Paul, MN, $1,500,000
  • Goodwill Industries Inc., Saint Paul, MN $1,102,485
  • Arrowhead Economic Opportunity Agency, Virginia, MN, $732,000

For more information on the YouthBuild program, you can click here.