Minnesota BCA hopes to prevent school violence with new app

The Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension is promoting an app called "See it, Say it, Send it," a platform that allows people to send tips to the BCA regarding school safety. 

With the app, people can send tips, images and other information to the BCA anonymously or through a created profile. BCA Superintendent Drew Evans says he hopes having an easy, and potentially anonymous way to send information to law enforcement will encourage people to report concerning information to law enforcement. 

"Sometimes people may see something that they just don’t know: ‘Is this something I should report?’ They may not want to get involved but something just doesn’t sit right," Evans said. 

The BCA monitors the tips coming in through the app 24/7. Once the BCA receives a tip, authorities can determine if it’s an issue best handled by law enforcement or other responses, such as a school counselor. 

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"We often see in those who commit mass violence that there’s a number of warning signs that happen before these events occur. Sometimes it’s as simple as a cry for help and we want to get them that help before it turns into one of these really terrible events," Evans said. 

The BCA’s network also allows them to connect with law enforcement agencies across the country. Evans says this is useful in situations where kids might be talking online, on social media or on a video game, and might have information to share about a person who lives hundreds of miles away from them. 

You can find the "See it, Say it, Send it" app within your device’s app store options. If you have a tip for the BCA, you can also call them at 1-877-996-6222 or email them at bca.tips@state.mn.us

The Minnesota BCA has a new tip app it hopes will help prevent violence in schools.