Minneapolis will recoup $100K of costs 2019 Trump rally at Target Center

Minneapolis, MN-October 10: President Donald Trump greeted cheering crowds at the Target Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota. (Glen Stubbe/Star Tribune via Getty Images)

Minneapolis will get $100,000 from city-owned Target Center’s private operator for the costs of securing President Donald Trump’s October 2019 rally, Mayor Jacob Frey announced Thursday. 

Frey tried to get the Trump campaign to prepay $530,000, but they refused. The October 10, 2019 rally went ahead anyways. Frey later estimated the city incurred $542,733 for securing the rally. 

In a release, the city says $200,000 of municipal costs from the rally are eligible for reimbursement, including the costs of traffic control, installation of temporary barriers, public works construction and other services provided outside Target Center. 

Target Center’s operator has agreed to pay $100,000 of those costs. Under the terms of the agreement, the payments will be remitted over a period of three years and the city will work with the Target Center’s operator to avoid similar issues in the future. 

The deal is subject to City Council approval. 

Frey said the partial reimbursement from Target Center’s operator is the first such deal he is aware of nationwide.