Minneapolis' Stable Homes Stable Schools program becomes permanent resource

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey gives an update on the Stable Homes Stable Schools program. (FOX 9)

A new pilot program aimed at helping provide stable housing for students in one of the largest school districts in the state is now a permanent resource.

“Success in school starts with a roof over a student’s head,” said Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey in a press conference Tuesday.

The Stables Homes Stable Schools initiative launched in Minneapolis two years ago. The program has helped hundreds of families facing homelessness, and with the onset of the pandemic, the need for support is growing.

“During the most destabilizing year in modern history and especially in Minneapolis, this initiative has continued to provide a sense of stability for so many families throughout our city,” said Frey.

The Stable Homes Stable Schools Program provides financial assistance and support services to families in need. The initiative is also expanding to a total of 18 schools.

“COVID-19 reckoned with racial justice and a staggering economic downturn that we’ve seen has hit so many families hard,” said Frey.

Vanesha Hubbard and her twin sons faced homelessness last year.

“We had to move from our home because I suddenly lost my job,” said Hubbard.

Her children are among more than 2,000 elementary students impacted by the program so far.

“They no longer have to worry about housing insecurity,” said Hubbard. “They’re more worried about going outside being kids - this is something my sons never did.”

The initiative is a collaborative effort. The government, nonprofits and private sector are working together to increase access to housing and educational stability and outcomes.

“This program's success is also important to our shared push to have a more equitable and inclusive city with over 90 percent of the participation coming from families of color,” said Frey.

The program has been expanded to Folwell, Webster and Whittier elementary schools. Those behind the initiative say that they continue to seek additional property owners and managers to participate in the program.