Minneapolis road rage shooting suspect in custody, 10 months later

Ten months after a Twin Cities woman was shot in a violent road rage incident on Hennepin Avenue, police say they have a suspect in custody.

Minneapolis police spokesperson Corey Schmidt said a man was arrested last month on unrelated second-degree murder charges. Schmidt said investigators have reason to believe the same man was involved in the road rage incident.

On April 5, 2016, the victim says she was driving down Hennepin Avenue near the Walker Art Center when a car cut her off. She says when she honked at the car, she never imagined what would come next.

“All I did was honk at him, and he shot me four times,” said the victim who wants to remain anonymous for her own safety.

Police say there were three men in the car, including the driver.

Schmidt could not disclose what role the suspect played in the incident, as it is still an active investigation.

“I want to know that the judicial system does work,” said the victim.  “And that the person who shot me will spend the rest of their life in jail.”

The victim says the last ten months since the shooting she has battled emotional trauma and anxiety. She says its hard to live a normal life knowing the men who shot her are still free.

A charging decision will come from the Hennepin County Attorney’s office.