Minneapolis ramping up routine neighborhood inspections

Minneapolis housing inspectors are beefing up routine yard inspections, with crews on the lookout for violations.

“It’s another reminder that it’s important that people are paying attention to their properties and doing the maintenance needed,” said Kellie Rose Jones, the director of Housing Inspection Services.

Overgrown grass, litter and junk are just some of the things the city considers a nuisance.

“Your yard should not be for storage for large amounts of firewood or any sort of miscellaneous debris,” said Jones.

First comes a warning. If a property owner fails to act, it will come at a cost.

“So, if we pay our contractors to go and pick up rubbish or cut your grass, then we just charge the owner that price, plus a small administrative fee,” said Jones.

Jones says the charge will be assessed to a homeowner’s property taxes. It’s a fee that could start at a couple hundred dollars or more.

“If you’re a neighbor and you’re worried about an adjacent property, please call 311,” she said. “And then that information gets to our inspectors and our inspectors will be out in a couple days after that to address the concerns.”

You can call it a citywide spring cleaning with neighborhood sweeps in full swing.

“This is all about keeping Minneapolis clean and well-maintained,” said Jones. “We believe that well-maintained neighborhoods are really a sign of people being invested and caring about their community.”

Crews are also looking for inoperable vehicles and overhanging vegetation.

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