Minneapolis Public Schools facing 'fiscal crisis'

The state's third-largest school district is approaching an "impending fiscal crisis."

That’s according to a new five-year projection presented Tuesday to the Minneapolis Board of Education. What’s to blame? The school district says part of it is declining enrollment as families leave the city.

Minneapolis Public Schools is also relying on federal COVID-19 relief money to bridge some of the gaps, but that’s set to expire in a few years.

In theory, if no changes are made, the district would run out of money to operate by 2025.

"There’s no scenario we can continue to operate with over 70 schools sites with a dwindling population, there’s just no scenario we can do that," said Minneapolis Public Schools Board Director Ira Jourdain. "What’s that going to entail? That’s going to entail closing schools. We’ve tap danced around this issue long enough right? Closing schools, consolidating sites."

The school district's interim superintendent also hinted Tuesday at the possibility of looking to state lawmakers for help.