Minneapolis police warn residents of recent pet poisonings

Minneapolis police are warning pet owners to be on the lookout for pet poisonings after unknown foods were thrown into residents' yards.

The area of concern is around the 4000-4600 blocks of Columbus Avenue and the surrounding area, according to a release. Animal Care and Control is currently investigating any information the community can provide.

"It was a slice of bread, and it had green markings all over it. It looked like mold, but I wasn't sure and I'd heard about the poisonings so I put it in a plastic bag and called Animal Control," pet owner Patricia Kandaki said.

Although Kandaki's dog did not get sick, police said that bread and another slice tested positive for a poisonous substance.

"What we do know is that we have a substance on the bread that's something that is harmful to animals," said Corey Schmidt of the Minneapolis police. "We want people to call police, we want to find this information so we can stop this from happening."

Police advise residents to say something if they see something, such as someone dropping items in a fenced in area or giving treats to others’ pets. They also said a number of squirrels have died from the poisonings.

"Diamond is an outside dog, so I literally have to check the yard every time I go out," Kandaki said.

One pet owner even said he found bread on his windowsill.

If you feel that someone is trying to poison your pet, you can call 311 to have Animal Control pick up the substance and test it. Also, if you have security cameras, police ask that you review footage for suspicious activity.