Minneapolis police: Increase in aggravated robberies in Lowry Hill East, Whittier

Minneapolis police are warning residents of an increase in aggravated robberies in the Lowry Hill East and Whittier neighborhoods.

The Minneapolis Police Department said the suspects approach victims while additional suspects wait nearby as a lookout or getaway. In some cases a weapon is displayed or implied. It appears most victims are by themselves or with another person and they were either walking, sitting in their vehicle or standing near their vehicle. 

The suspects are trying to steal vehicle keys, wallets, purses and/or cell phones. In some incidents, the suspects are using the stolen credit cards shortly after the incident, or they steal the vehicle. 

According to MPD, the suspect descriptions vary in race, gender and age. The majority of suspects have been males in their late teens to 20 years old.

Residents are asked to remain aware of their surroundings, drive or walk away if they are not comfortable with a situation, lock car doors, and provide the best description of the suspects and/or their vehicle to 911. 

Police have put out additional squads that are actively conducting directed patrols in the high pattern areas and are working with specialty units to focus on these incidents and investigations.