Minneapolis Police: Pokémon Go app allows robbers to find players

Photo from Minneapolis Police Department

The Minneapolis Police Department put out a warning for Pokémon GO players on Saturday to play safely.

"If you 'gotta catch ‘em all,' don’t catch yourself in a dangerous situation," the police department wrote.

Full statement from Minneapolis Police Department on Pokemon Go

With the recent rise in popularity of the Pokémon Go app for iPhone and Android, the Minneapolis Police Department would like to remind everyone to be safe while participating.The app uses a geolocation feature which has allowed robbers to anticipate the location and level of seclusion of unwitting victims. Some have taken advantage of this feature and we have had a few players robbed. Since the goal of the “game” is to find virtual objects, officers have seen an increase in people doing things that would be considered suspicious. With high demand for the application, the servers for the game are shutting down during the day. So, at night when the servers come back online, officers are finding people and getting calls on suspicious people in neighborhoods and parks at late hours. Just a reminder that if you choose to use the app do it safely, stay in well-lit locations, and be aware of your surroundings. Thank you!