Minneapolis Police Chief Arradondo expected to testify in Chauvin trial on Monday

The head of the Minneapolis Police Department is expected to take the stand on Monday as the trial for Derek Chauvin enters its second week of testimony.

Chief Arradondo is expected to be a key witness for the prosecution, who in the past has commented on the case, calling George Floyd's death a "murder" and writing that Chauvin should have known better than to keep his weight on. But, the chief will be limited on speaking on some subjects, including what factored into the decision to fire Chauvin.

"I think we know what the chief is going to say, what he’s already said publicly is that he believes Derek Chauvin is guilty of murder," opined defense attorney Christa Groshek -- who is not involved in the case.

"Perhaps he won’t be on the stand long," said Groshek. "Perhaps there’s a technical part of what he knew of maybe Mr. Chauvin personally or maybe he had a personal role in his training 

Aside from Arradondo, Groshek expects testimony moving forward to be expert-driven -- with experts on the use of force issues and how Floyd died taking the stand.

"We should be hearing from experts who can talk about what was going on inside his body at the time," said Groshek. "Because remember the state has the job of trying to prove that what Chauvin did caused his death. So this is really the crux of this case."

Court will start Monday morning with a motions hearing at 8:30 a.m. before testimony starts.