Minneapolis parents on edge after guns found in car near school

Parents at a Minneapolis school are going into the school year a little on edge after receiving a letter about a recent “potentially unsafe situation” near school property.

The letter starts off by stating that the administration at Clara Barton Open School hopes parents and students are enjoying what they have left of summer before addressing that “potentially unsafe situation” that occurred near the school.

The school is on the corner of 42nd Street and Bryant. The letter refers to an incident that happened on Aug. 2 on 42nd Street between Bryant and Colfax.

That incident sparked concerns among community members surrounding what was reported on Nextdoor to be a suspicious BMW that had been parked for long periods of time.

According to that report, there were multiple weapons and ammunition in the vehicle, including semi-automatic weapons and a bulletproof vest.

Police were called to the scene and, according to authorities, nobody was arrested. The firearms found in the car are being held for safekeeping.

Police say there is no information that the guns were obtained illegally, but the incident still leaves some parents a little uneasy with the first day of school just around the corner.

“I was shocked,” said Mary Kubo, whose son starts at Clara Barton Open School. “I was really surprised because it’s usually a really nice neighborhood. There’s never that kind of stuff going around anywhere near here.”

The East Harriett Neighborhood Association announced it will hold a community meeting with police Wednesday to discuss the incident involving the car and the guns. That meeting begins at 6 p.m. at Minneapolis Police’s 5th precinct offices.