Minneapolis low-rent landlord stripped of licenses

The Minneapolis city council voted to revoke the license of a well-know, low-rent landlord due to multiple issues with his properties.

Mahmood Khan, 62, owns 42 properties in Minneapolis, which the city says have gotten over one thousand code violations. The city has already revoked two of his rental licenses for things like allowing tenants to use a basement unit as a bedroom and letting debris pile up in the backyard.

However, Khan says he’s restored two dozen properties around the city, many of which are 100 years old. He says he’s providing a service by renting to low income tenants who have poor rental and minor criminal histories and have nowhere else to go.

"I put a lot of time and energy into these properties and the city is just looking for ways to, the last 30 years they've been trying to say I’m doing something not right,” Khan says.

The landlord says he will appeal the city council’s action all the way to the Supreme Court if necessary.

The city says it won't take any action to vacate any of Khan's properties until his appeal is heard. The process could take months, which means his tenants will not have to move out right away. 

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