Minneapolis gay bar The Saloon cuts ties with Anheuser-Busch

A gay bar founded in 1977 that touts itself as the longest-run in Minneapolis has announced it has cut ties with Anheuser-Busch, and will replace its products with beers from local breweries.

According to a press release provided by The Saloon, products such as Bud Light, Michelob Golden Light and Michelob Ultra will be replaced with offerings from local breweries including Modist Brewing Co. and Bauhaus Brew Labs.

This decision follows Anheuser-Busch's move to stop its marketing campaign celebrating trans actress, comedian, and content creator Dylan Mulvaney and placing those in charge of the campaign on leave, according to the release.

"Anheuser-Busch had an opportunity to support a marginalized community in a way that few other corporations have attempted, but they abandoned that direction. We view that as unacceptable," said John Moore, owner of The Saloon, in the statement.

"We are excited to offer Modist and Bauhaus products because they are as passionate about beer as they are about their communities," said Robby Palmer, general manager of The Saloon, in the statement. "We will continue to pursue avenues to keep our money local and community-based while we remain one of the best parties in Minneapolis and a place where our queer community can come together to celebrate our existence."