Minneapolis firefighters battle house fire in frigid temps

Knocking down the flames was only half the battle for Minneapolis firefighters on Thursday, as they braved the subzero cold to put out a house fire.

Fire crews responded shortly after noon for the fire on Elliot Avenue, north of East 24th Street. Crews found heavy smoke and fire on the first floor, which extended to the second floor all the way to the attic.

Thankfully, everyone inside the building made it out to the safety of a neighbor's home. However, due to the damage, firefighters have deemed the home "uninhabitable." The home will be boarded up for the time being. The Red Cross is helping two adults and three children.

(FOX 9)

No one inside the building at the time of the fire was injured. One firefighter "tweaked" his shoulder during the battle though, officials say.

As fire crews worked, temperatures in the Twin Cities were below zero, making the battle even harder for fire crews.

"It's tough working outside, it's cold, it's really cold," said Deputy Fire Chief Andrew Norgaard. "Then you start putting water on stuff, and it freezes really bad. The radios start to not work as good. Our [self-contained breathing apparatus) don't work as good. It's just icy. You got to deal with it."

Crews called in a second alarm to get more firefighters on the scene. Part of that decision was to deal with the cold and allow crews to cycle out of the elements more frequently.