Milwaukee bus driver helps woman on crutches who fell crossing snowy street

A Milwaukee County bus driver was on his route when he saw a woman with crutches fall while trying to cross a snow and ice-covered street. The Milwaukee County Transit System is sharing video of driver Michael Karges leaving his seat to help the woman to her feet.

Karges and one of his passengers helped get to a store two blocks away before returning to the bus and getting back on the route. Way to go Michael! Above and beyond!

This isn't the first time a Milwaukee County Transit driver has offered a helping hand:

SPECIAL DELIVERY: On Christmas Eve, Tayetta Currin was driving her bus route when she spotted a woman walking toward the street who looked like she needed help. Currin pulled over to check on the woman and discovered she was pregnant and ready to deliver.

COLD, LOST BOY: Last October, Karen Martinez was driving her route when she turned a corner into a neighborhood and noticed a little boy walking alone, with no shoes or socks. She noticed the five-year-old was cold and shivering, so she picked him up and carried him inside the warm bus and called police. A passenger, who was also waiting with them for officer to arrive, took off her coat and wrapped it around him. Martinez allowed the boy to explore the bus and even sit in the driver seat. The boy repaid Martinez by drawing her a picture.

LOST GIRL: Last May, Tiffani Lee drove her bus past a wandering five-year-old girl and immediately knew something was wrong. Lee invited the girl to warm up on the bus as she called police for help. Video shows a West Allis police officer walking onto the bus and kneeling down to speak to the girl. She told the officer she was lost, and he walked her home