Mayor Frey issues ceasefire proclamation after Minneapolis City Council overrode his veto

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey issued a proclamation Thursday after the city council overrode his veto of the ceasefire resolution for the Israel-Hamas war.

The Minneapolis City Council on Jan. 23 passed the symbolic resolution in a 9-3 vote, which called for a permanent ceasefire, humanitarian aid, an end to United States military funding to Israel, and the release of hostages. 

Mayor Frey vetoed the resolution on Jan. 31, saying he supports a ceasefire but called it "one-sided, failing to recognize the history of Israeli Jews." 

However, during a city council meeting on Feb. 8, council members voted 9-3 again to overturn the mayor’s veto, which was the minimum number of votes needed. 

Following the vote, Mayor Frey issued a ceasefire proclamation that "stands in stark contrast with the council’s resolution, which is one-sided and further divides our city and alienates Jewish residents," wrote the mayor’s office in a press release. 

The mayor stressed he supports a ceasefire, the need for humanitarian aid, and a two-state solution, among other points. 

See the full proclamation below: