Mayor declares 'Paisley Park Day' as museum opens

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Outside of Paisley Park. Photo credit: Paul Blume/Fox 9. 

Chanhassen Mayor, Denny Laufenburger has declared Friday, “Paisley Park Day,” to celebrate the museum officially opening.

"No matter where his concert tours took him or how high his fame carried him, Prince was steadfastly devoted to Chanhassen and Minnesota, the city he called home and the state that inspired him." Laufenburger said.

The Chanassen City Council delayed Paisley Park's planned Oct. 6 opening as a permanent museum because of traffic and parking concerns. Some tours had to be canceled causing an inconvenience for fans that already made travel plans to Chanhassen.

On Monday, the Chanhassen City Council voted unanimously to rezone the property to open as a museum.

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