Man with seizure disorder charged in wrong-way crash that killed three

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A Savage, Minnesota, driver was charged with vehicular homicide Monday for his role in a fatal crash last December after authorities discovered he failed to indicate on his driver's license application an impairment that might have affected his ability to drive.

Three people died in the December crash and two more were seriously injured after Patrick Hayes struck their car while driving the wrong way on Interstate 494 near Highway 5. According to the criminal complaint, 51-year-old Dawn Chiodo, 24-year-old Dylan Bailey - both from Bloomington - and a two-year-old were killed in the crash.

According to his wife, Patrick Hayes has epilepsy and has been in multiple other car accidents, as well as doing other "odd things" during his seizures, including jumping off a balcony. She also told police he was undergoing treatment at Neurological Associates for his condition. 

Previously he struck another vehicle and rolled his car in Savage, fleeing police while later being taken into custody by witnesses who saw the crash.

A second incident caused an 11-car pileup last summer, with witnesses reporting that Hayes was "out of it" immediately after the crash--still holding the steering wheel and acting like he was still driving down the road despite being stopped, according to police.

Blood tests directly after the December incident showed no intoxicants, just an anti-seizure medication he was given after paramedics witnessed him having one.

Medical records obtained by authorities show that Hayes has suffered from a seizure disorder since he was 16, seeing a neurologist just a few days before the crash. 

If convicted, he faces up to 10 years in prison and $10,000 in fines.