Man waits months for wages from Minneapolis dog walking company

The owner of a Minneapolis dog walking service is responding to claims that she has not paid some of her former employees. One of them claims he’s owed hundreds of dollars and took the owner to court.
Spencer Bemel thought work as a dog-walker for The Urban Dog was a way to pick up some extra cash before he graduated from the University of Minnesota.

“I was a full-time student at the time, so this was the perfect opportunity to mix in some work in between classes,” Bemel said. “I used the money to pay for school and monthly rent.”

From September to January, everything went well. Bemel said things changed when he gave his two weeks notice and didn't receive his last paychecks.

"It was multiple texts, it was multiple phone calls that went unanswered,” Bemel told Fox 9. “I'd say for every five or six text messages I sent her, I would receive one that says I'm working on it.”

In March, he filed suit against the owner of The Urban Dog, Cathy Menard, claiming she owed him for 45 hours of work, totaling almost $700. The Conciliation Court ruled in his favor, after she didn't show up for the hearing.

“I just want to get the money I deserve. As for The Urban Dog, she needs to be held accountable,” Bemel said.

Menard explained to Fox 9 that since the death of her partner, she’s been struggling to stay on top of things, while serving more than 200 clients.

“He has been a very responsible person in terms of texting me, reminding me, ‘Cathy don't forget about my check,’” Menard said. “He's been very, very good about it, and I'm the one that's dropped the ball. I'm the one that's been totally overwhelmed. I'm now the one that's doing two full-time positions everyday Monday through Sunday.”

She also says she hasn't checked her mail, so she wasn't aware of any judgment. But she does believe Bemel. However, she did not give a timetable on paying him.